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Welcome To The Ride of Your Life!

4Take an unforgettable flight with your family or friends in our 1930 New Standard biplane named “Stanley”. Stanley can hold four passengers in the front cockpit so you can enjoy this experience with your entire family! The New Standard biplane was built specifically for barnstorming by Ivan Gates of “Gates Flying Circus” and Charles Healy Day in an effort to carry as many passengers as possible. Stanley is one of the few New Standards flying in the world today. Don’t miss an opportunity to experience an authentic barnstorming ride in this rare airplane!

Flight certificates are available and are great for Father’s Day, Christmas, anniversaries, honeymoons, birthdays, or any special occasion. We also have group rates available, so offer your attendees an exciting activity option for your next event!

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Your Pilot

Mike Carpentiero

Mike Carpentiero

Mike Carpentiero has accumulated over 8,600 flying hours and 35 years of flying experience in everything from Gliders to Fighters.